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Gold Glucosamine 1000


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Product Description

OLIMP GLUCOSAMINE GOLD is a product containing glucoseamine sulphate and vitamin C, substances indispensable for the normal structure of joint cartilages. The studies performed indicate that glucosamine is in the body a human substrate indispensable for biosynthesis of proteoglycans which build and maintain the joint cartilage. Glucosamine reinforces joints and stimulates collagen synthesis delivering it for joint cartilage rebuilding and facilitating joint cartilage regeneration. In physiological conditions, glucosamine jest synthesised from glucose. Its deficiencies are manifested by disorders of proteoglycan biosynthesis, which leads to degenerative joint lesions. Vitamin C actively participates in biochemical processes occurring in the body and is essential for biosynthesis of collagen – connective tissue found in cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and bones, ensuring their resistance to disruption and distension, and conferring to them elasticity. Clinical trials indicate that glucosamine is an effective and safe alternative to standard drugs and can be used, without any adverse effects, in order to reduce and prevent the symptoms of degenerative disorders of joints. Intended use: for athletes and other adult persons for use in prophylaxis protecting the joints in conditions of high workload and in prophylaxis of joint disorders.

OLIMP GLUCOSAMINE GOLD capsules are particularly recommended:
– in prophylaxis of degenerative joint disorders (osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis),
– for active people for regeneration and reinforcement of tendons, muscles, ligaments, and joint cartilage,
– as an agent reducing the risk and alleviating the effects of musculoskeletal organ traumas,
– for elderly people and women in the menopausal period,
– adjunctively in alleviation of joint traumas, joint rigidity, movement impairment.

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